The Steam Engine
Description of the Cretors' No. 1 Engine

The No. 1 engine is beyond with out a doubt the finest, most complete and practical small engine made. The sections below will give a general idea of the working parts; each is designed with a view of durability and attractive appearence, being made as light as is consistend with proper strength. No two wearing surfaces are of the same metal; cross head shoes; drive arm boxes and eccentric straps are of gun metal; main pillar boxes have silver metal babbitted bearings.

A working engine is a source of constant attraction of which the public will not tire. These engines command attraction and admiration of every passer-by. This engine is in most of Cretors large model popcorn machines. The engine turns a series of gears that turn the arms in the bottom of the popper pans to constantly stir and agitate the oil and the corn preventing it from burning.

Provision - Is made for taking up lost motion and oiling at all wearing points, thus prolonging the life of the engine indefinitely. Face of cylinder and cut-off are ground down to an absolute steam-tight fit, and hand polished.

Govenors - Are designed to be very sensitve and simple. The 1913 govenor is so designed as to admit of re-packing the vavle stem without distrubing adjustment of valve.

Engine Bed - Has a deep moulding about the entire edge, and is recessed so as to drain off all drip, oil, etc. Beds are highly finished in baked enamel and neatly striped. Driving gears on the rear are milled from solid turned blanks.

copyright 1913 by C. Cretors & CO.

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