The Popper
Description of the Cretors' World Famous Corn Popper

The image to the left illustrates the Automatic Self-Buttering and Salting Corn style Popper, as used in all machines manufactured by C. Cretors & Company which revolutionized the peanut and popcorn industry and proved itself the greatest invention of it kind extant. It is the popper which butters and salts the corn at the same time it pops it. By this process, each grain is seasoned exactly alike during the process of popping, thus imparting to the corn an eveness and delicacy of flavor impossible to obtain by any other method. The principle is similar to the old fashioned way of popping corn in an iron skillet into which a small quantity of butter and salt is placed with raw popcorn for seasoning. Rotating blades keep the kernals in constant motion.

copyright 1913 by C. Cretors & CO.

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The Popper
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